Slippery Slap

Slippery Slap is a Global Game Jab game made in 48 hours. 

Role: Programmer (Blueprint only)

I blueprinted all of the game mechanics:

  • “Slap” animation and damage.
  • Enemy damage and rag-doll death.
  • “Sliding” mode where player is invincible and kills everything instantly. Penguin also slides on it’s belly the duration of the power up.
  • I set up the perimeters to start the “Sliding” power up.
  • Art asset implementation, such as particles and models.

ARMA 3 Scenario

I have created a long ARMA 3 Scenario together with a friend (Jesper Mulder, Portfolio link: This involved scripting in the custom ARMA 3 language and becoming proficient with the editor tools. I was also involved with a lot of set dressing, optimization and narrative design. 

You can download and play the scenario here: 

Role: Mission Scripter & Quest Designer

ATX - Pengu

A slippery Slap Sequel Top-down arcade shooter taking place on your own computer. Repair your hardware to finish your Anti-Virus download.

Role: Level Designer

General Notes:

  • Global Game Jam project made in 48 hours.
  • I created half of the map.
  • I re-used our limited art assets by scaling and rotating them to look unique.
  • I put an emphasis on creating flow through the figure of 8 rule.
  • Each major landmark had its own theme, such as the Hard Drive was surrounded by “Firewalls”.
  • We used the water cooling tubes as guides towards the middle.

Tile based procedural level design

Invasion of the capitalist Computators is a top down isometic shooter with a  modular procedural level system.

Role: Level Designer

General notes:

  • System chooses a “tile” at random and placed it onto the end of another tile. 
  • Each tile had the same entrance and exit locations, thus I relied on cover placement to guide the flow. 
  • Buttons and other intractables had to be placed on north facing walls because of the isometric view.

Thermofisher Hololens Client Project

Encased is a client project I did with 5 other design students for Thermo Fisher Scientific in my second year of University. The goal was to create a game for the Microsoft Hololens that would train operators to use and maintain their Electron Microscopes.

Role: Gameplay & Puzzle Designer + Game design communicator towards client.

Soggy Seafood

Soggy Seafood is a VR game made for Samsung VR. Samsung provided students with GearVR kits and tasked us to create a game for their platform within 2 weeks. In Soggy Seafood you are a swordfish that needs to make burgers using only your nose. This project was completed in 2 weeks by a 12 person team.

Role: Game Designer & QA

Unreal Tournament Map

I created a whitebox map for Unreal Tournament

Role: Level Designer