My role: Quest Design

Seaplane is a game where players explore a vast open world and complete quests that are part of a compelling story. 

I worked on this game during the concepting, research and pre-production phase.

Steam Release

After I left the project the development continued and the final game has been released on Steam. 


My responsibility as quest designer in this project involved, being technical designer on the quest tool as wel as designing and implementing all the quests for the vertical slice.

Quest Tool

I was technical designer on the quest tool

  • Optimizing designer workflow.
  • Compromise between programming scope and design wants.
  • QA testing quest tool to report bugs and provide usability feedback.

Video shows the final work flow for creating a quest.

Quest Design

I designed all the quests for the vertical slice

  • Creating documentation templates and pipelines.
  • Frequent meetings with art, design and narrative departments to determine quests.
  • Documenting all Vertical Slice quests.
  • Implementing quests in engine using the quest tool.


Being a unity project, I learned basic C#

  • Creating custom events for specific quests.
  • Creating basic gameplay features.